Beautiful act of kindness from Judith Spitz

Beautiful act of kindness from Judith Spitz

After the “Better Arizona” segment aired on December 4th, I got a response from an incredible artist. Her name is Judith Spitz and she wanted to re-create a photo from the daddy daughter dance. I am truly touched by her kindness and support and I wanted to share the progress and pictures she has been sending. They are absolutely breathtaking. You can check out all of her work at


Let the good news continue… and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Hello friends and family!

First, I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year! This year has thrown us many curve balls but we were able to get through them because of the support and love we have from all of you. I am so lucky to have people like you in my life. Thank you for all you do!

I also want to report that I am ending the year 2013 on two VERY positive notes!

1. Last week, I was informed that I won the “Supervisor of the Year” award at my work! The Vice President of the company flew out to present an award and $1000 travel voucher! I have never been more shocked in my life! I am a supervisor for a company called Caption Call and I basically caption calls for the hard of hearing. It is a rewarding job knowing that I am helping others and I am thrilled that my hard work and dedication to the company was recognized! I feel very blessed to work with such an amazing group of people!

2. As you may have heard, my dad and I were on the news a few weeks ago talking about our Daddy Daughter Dance experience, my book (Pulling the Cancer Card), and my goal to start public speaking based on the book I wrote! I was just informed by Catherine Anaya that CBS 5 will be doing a “Better Arizona” special and will be RE-AIRING our segment on Christmas Eve at 6:30pm AND Christmas Day at NOON!  I am overjoyed about this opportunity! If you missed the airing the first time, you will now have the opportunity to watch it! Make sure to spread the word and tell your friends and family!

Thank you for allowing me to share all this with you! I hope everyone had a wonderful 2013 filled with as much love and compassion that my family and I have received! I am looking forward to a bright new 2014 filled with happiness, prosperity, and good health! :) 

CBS 5 “A Better Arizona” Check it out!

The CBS 5 “A Better Arizona” segment aired tonight and I could not be happier with the results! Catherine Anaya did an amazing job putting it together and I’m thrilled that I was able to share my passion and love for helping others. I hope to continue the journey by speaking at different organizations to help others cope in the difficult world of cancer.

My dad did such a great job interviewing and I’m beyond proud of him! He is a champ and we get through each day because of his humor and positive attitude. Please check out the beautiful news segment and if you are interested in contacting me, please feel free to do so at


Thank you again for all your love and support! It really does get us through each day!

The Kahlers have made it back on the news!

I just got a call from Catherine Anaya and she said that she does a segment called “A Better Arizona” and would like to interview us for it! My dad and I will be interviewed on Wednesday November 27th at 1pm to talk about my book, my drive to start doing public speaking to help others facing similar situations, and we will also be following up with the first news segment (the link is below) and the daddy daughter dance. I could not be more excited about this!! What a great opportunity to get our message of positive thinking out to the public! I feel truly blessed to be able to do this. I cannot wait to start helping others cope with the world of cancer! Please make sure to watch our segment on December 4th at 6:30pm! It should also be online and I will make sure to post it as soon as it is available. I really appreciate everyone’s encouragement through this. I would not have been able to do it without you!!


Pay it Forward

At the Daddy Daughter Dance, I told myself that I would continue to look for ways to pay it forward to others. My co-worker, Erin told me recently about her son, Caleb who has been diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. She said he has been through lots of testing and is now doing a genetic study. He went to MDA Summer Camp last year for the first time and loved it! Caleb and his family are taking part in the Phoenix 2014 Muscle Walk to raise money so Caleb can attend MDA Summer Camp again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Book Signing Mode

We just got another batch of books and my dad and I have been signing like crazy! Every time I go to visit him, I am shocked. If he is feeling sick, I usually never know it. I walk in the door and there he is, sitting in his chair watching football or Breaking Bad :).  He instantly sits up, smiles, and greets me as if he hasn’t seen me in weeks! He is so supportive of my book and everything I am trying to do. Even though he wasn’t feeling great (and has a very short attention span :) ), he sat at the table with me and signed over 50 books!!  I am convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do these things without the support from him. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have a dad that truly cares about other people, especially his family.

Let me know if you are interested in the signed copies and I will make sure I get you a copy! Only $12! What a steal!

Thank you for all your support and love! We are one blessed family!


And it begins!

Hey everyone! I decided to start my very own blog for a number of reasons. The first reason is to keep you informed on the crazy adventures in the Kahler household! :) I also wanted to update everyone when I have any new developments and speaking engagements for my book “Pulling the Cancer Card: Playing the Hand You’re Given.”

As you can see, there are a number of links below. Make sure you check out the video and pictures from the successful Daddy Daughter Dance for Charity! They are absolutely amazing! I also put a link where you can purchase my book AND the link for my dad’s blog, Joe’s Game Plan. Finally, make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get all the updates!

Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement during such a difficult time in our lives. I can’t express how  much it helps us get through each day! Get ready for some amazing posts to come!

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